Why I Love My Work Abroad as a Dental Hygienist

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I graduated hygiene school from Tallahassee Community College in Tallahassee, Florida.

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Prevention is the core belief of dental hygienists and we promote its value no matter where we are in the world. Stay in the loop!
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Prevention is the core belief of dental hygienists and we promote its value no matter where we are in the world.

Ms. Cindy Biron was then Chair of the department and was instrumental in my decision to move overseas and work as a dental hygienist abroad.

How it all started – why work abroad?

Tallahassee Community College Dental Hygiene School 1997

Many of my teachers and alumni had also lived (or were currently living) in Switzerland when I graduated. So naturally, they piqued our interest with photos and the sharing of their own international experiences as a dental hygienist abroad.

So in 2002, having being completely inspired and after much contemplation, planning and networking, I started my first overseas job. I became an international dental hygienist in Switzerland!

Working in Switzerland in 2005

Though I subsequently returned to the U.S. for a time, my experiences and new friendships abroad left a deep impression.

Essential reading for those seeking to work abroad.

Back in the States

While back stateside, I took every opportunity to share with my students the possibility that they too could work abroad. I really wanted to impress upon them how big of an opportunity it could be for them.

I taught both clinically and didactically in a few schools in the greater Atlanta Georgia area.

While teaching in Atlanta, I was diagnosed with a very serious autoimmune disease. I learned how to manage this condition without pharmaceuticals and regained my health. This is why I promote total health without pharmaceuticals and I truly believe in prevention.

When my circumstances improved and allowed me to return to Europe, I gladly accepted. This time in beautiful Germany!

Return to work abroad as a dental hygienist

I chose my career path as a dental hygienist over 20 years ago. I truly believe this was one of the best decisions that I could have made for my life. My decision to work abroad was just the icing on the cake!

ask about dental hygiene overseas
Ask me about dental hygiene overseas!

How you too can chose a similar career path.

I would also like to recognize the support I’ve received from friends and family along the way. Especially to my friend, Ute Buscher, who was by my side in this European journey through thick and thin.

Dental hygienists use their training in preventive medicine to help themselves and their patients enjoy optimal health.

Therefore, I hope this site and the many experiences presented herein inspire other American hygienists.

Be sure to take full advantage of the possibilities to work abroad and to promote total health.

Angela Scott, BASDH

Why work abroad as a dental hygienist. My story.
A traveling dental hygienist who loves practising dental hygiene abroad and who manages an autoimmune disease without pharmaceuticals.

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