the practice of dental hygiene

EAZF ZMF/DH “Up to date” CE Course Review

The information provided was basic but scientifically sound.

I approached this continuing education course reluctantly due to my personal opinions about German ‘dental hygiene’. Here is a summary of my experience:

The trip was very comfortable by train and metro. I changed only once, at the Munich main station. This had been a concern of mine from the beginning, because I was unsure if I should drive or take the train. Street parking was available, but it looked tight that morning at 8 a.m. I’m glad I didn’t drive.

The walk from the metro station stop was about three minutes and there was a lot of foot traffic. The venue was the modern Bavarian Dental Chamber building. The conference room was well-equipped and comfortable. Lunch was provided and tea/coffee breaks were also provided.

The information was very basic. Certain terms and phrases had to be explained for benefit of the assistants who were not quite finished with their ‘hygienist’ apprenticeship course but who were still attempting to do the work of a hygienist.

The instructor, Sabine Deutsch, seemed confident and knowledgeable. She introduced herself as being a hygiene apprenticeship teacher/trainer and a practicing hygienist in Germany since 2002. Some of the subjects discussed were the new perio classification, new guidelines in the treatment of perio disease (for Germany), and the general etiology of perio disease. No new information was presented but it did allow me to learn the German equivalent for quite a few scientific terms in English.

The course cost about €300 for eight hours. I don’t plan to attend another course but it’s nice to have it checked off my ‘to-do’ list. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about the course content or venue.