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Practicing As A Dental Hygienist in Switzerland: The Latest Info

Practicing as an American dental hygienist in Switzerland is much more complicated today than it was 20 years ago. This is why there are so few American hygienists present in Switzerland now.

When I worked there, there was a community of hundreds of Americans consisting of both Canadians and U.S Americans. There were also hygienists from Scandinavian countries present. What happened so suddenly to cause this decline?

Life overseas the practice of dental hygiene Travel Work abroad

7 Essential Culture Tips For International Dental Hygienists

Cultural awareness is crucial in landing any job abroad, as well as settling into a new life overseas.

For internationally practicing dental hygienists, it’s no different.

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Rent Property In Germany: A Complete Guide

After you land a a job overseas, the next step is finding a place to live.

In parts of Europe, such as Germany, having a permanent address near to your place of work is a requirement for your residency permit. So, considering how crucial it is to find property abroad, how can we make sure that we get it right?

Read our guide and learn how to rent the perfect property in Germany.

Life overseas the practice of dental hygiene Travel Work abroad

Dental Hygiene in New Zealand — Jessica Hoffman

Learn About Dental Hygiene in New Zealand

What are the qualifications for a license in dental hygiene in New Zealand?

  • Qualifications for a Dental Hygiene License

Becoming a dental hygienist in New Zealand requires a bachelor’s degree either in oral health or in health science oral health.

There are two schools that offer this degree: University of Otago and Auckland University of Technology (AUT) (New Zealand Dental and… Read More


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Wonderful Working Conditions for Dental Hygienists

Working conditions for dental hygienists in the US are sometimes less than ideal. Most dental hygienists work as at-will, part-time employees. These employees don’t usually have access to the same benefits and job security as full-time employees. For us, this type of insecurity goes hand-in-hand with the job title and we accept it as it […]

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With so many toothpaste options available, how can you know which one is the best for you?

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Dental Hygienist in Germany: Cindy M. Canada-Flores, RDH, RDA

Castles, rivers, forests and fresh air make Germany a dream for this international dental hygienist in Germany.

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Bavarian Dental Chamber – Corona Virus Protocol

Read this latest press release by the Bavarian Dental Chamber about the Coronavirus in Germany.

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Dental Hygiene Germany: Challenges During COVID-19

What is the best way to practice international dental hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Since dental professionals are uniquely vulnerable when it comes to the transmission of upper respiratory diseases, we are unsure about just how much risk to take on to help our patients.

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Eat The World Culinary Tour: Augsburg

Eat The World culinary tour of Augsburg was a lovely experience. They took us on a historic and culinary walking tour of Augsburg. They also offer tours of other interesting cities in Germany.

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Dental Hygiene Preceptorship – More Harm Than Good?

What is dental hygiene preceptorship, really? Are you a preceptorship trained ‘hygienist‘? If not, do you know any? Have you ever worked with one? I work with them every day. I assure you that a preceptorship trained ‘hygienist’ is no less proud of her title than I am.

So who, would you say, should rightly bear the title ‘dental hygienist’? Do you even need a college degree to practice dental hygiene? I mean, it’s just cleaning teeth after all, right? I’ve taken the liberty to provide a few facts about the training received on both ends of the scale. Then I’ll let you decide for yourself whether preceptorship is good for dental hygiene or not.

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Dental Hygiene Contracts – 5 Key Employer Obligations

Dental hygienist contracts should make the employer obligations clear. It will be noticeable how little the employer is responsible for, compared to the dental hygiene employee in Part 2 of this series.

Life overseas the practice of dental hygiene Travel Work abroad

International Dental Hygiene in Sweden – Tracy Wickam, RDH

Ever thought about what International Dental Hygiene in Sweden is like? What about in working in Sweden as a dental hygienist? This American hygienist gives you the ins and outs of how to make it happen! Read more…