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Eat The World Culinary Tour: Augsburg

A wealth of boutique shops and restaurants to explore.

Last Updated on November 11, 2020 by swissschokolade

Eat The World culinary tour of Augsburg was a lovely experience. They took us on a historic and culinary walking tour of Augsburg. They also offer tours of other interesting cities in Germany.

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Eat The World Culinary Walking Tour of Augsburg

Our tour guide for Eat The World was a student from the local university. She did well with providing interesting historical facts, taking us to worthwhile stops and keeping things moving briskly. This tour allowed us to appreciate the city in a new light and showed us some nice places to visit again.

Furthermore, Augsburg has many cool boutique shops and restaurants to discover. The city is definitely worth a stopover while you travel the Romantic Road in Germany.

Eat The World Culinary Tour of Augsburg Photos

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