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Find Your Dream International Dental Hygienist Job

Where are the best places to look for work?

Online job boards are one of the best resources in your search for a work as a dental hygienist overseas. Below is a comprehensive list of the best job board websites and resources to help you find dental hygienist jobs in Germany and Switzerland.

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Work in dental hygiene in Germany and Switzerland

Before searching for an international dental hygienist job, we also recommend the following reading list. This will make sure you are fully prepared for a life of working in Europe as a dental hygienist:

As you will see, you’ll need at least a basic command of German or French to be able to navigate through the sites. If you need to learn a new language, try Cudoo, to find a reasonably priced online course.

Dental Hygienist Jobs in Germany

Bundesagentur für Arbeit JOBBÖRSE (The Federal Department of Labor Jobboard in Germany)

Gigajobs Jobs Portal

Meinestadt Jobs Portal

JobFinder Job Portal

Indeed Germany

The Bavarian Dental Chamber (Germany)

Baden-Wuerttemberger Dental Chamber

Hessen Dental Chamber Jobboard

Find Dental Hygienist Jobs in Switzerland

Indeed Switzerland

JobScout (Switzerland) –

Careum Dental Hygiene School (Zurich, Switzerland)

Medi Center for Medical Training (Dental Hygiene School Bern, Switzerland)

Petitsannonces Classifieds in French-Speaking Switzerland

Dental Hygienist Associations in Switzerland

The International Dental Professionals of Switzerland

The Swiss Dental Hygienists Association

Dental Hygienist Associations in Germany

German Dental Hygienists Association (American Hygienists supported)

The German Association for Dental Hygienists

Association of German Dental Hygienists

The German Society for Dental Hygienists

Dental Hygiene Schools in Switzerland

Careum Bildungszentrum Zurich

medi – Zentrum für medizinische Bildung Bern

Prophylaxe Zentrum Zurich

École Supérieure D’Hygiénistes Dentaires Geneva

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